The Types of Pipes that You Need 

We individuals who are not experts in the plumbing world, we might think that these people are only using a general tool or equipment for the job but what we have to understand is that there are many different kinds of plumbing pipes that the experts use especially in their construction works specifically when they are working on the drainage, water disposal and the supply of the water of the building that they are making.  

As we all know that a building should really have a great supply of water so that people won’t lack one of their basic needs which is water. Water, just like any materials that are going to be used on the construction, it should also be computed very well before even starting the construction of the whole building. This is done in order for us to determine what kinds of pipes we are going to use when we are going to build the building. This is to ensure that these pipes are suitable for the task because some pipes are only made for a single purpose and we should honor that we should not use it for other purposes because just because it is affordable we must make sure that it can really hold the pressure of water in that said place or purpose.  

The plumbing system of a building includes all of the pipe fitting and the appliances that is used for the supply and the draining of water in a building. As what we have stressed above, these pipes that comprise the whole plumbing system are very much different to each other and they differ in their functions in the entire system. The pipes that carry water into the building is not the same with the pipes that washes away the water waste of the building.  

Those pipes that carry the water supply from the main area inside the system in the building or in your respective house is called the Service Pipes which are made with galvanized iron pipes, lead pipes, copper pipes and polythene pipes. 

If the water on the ground is very acidic and is not meant for metals, contractors use the copper pipes because it has a high capability of avoiding acidic water therefore it cannot be easily destroyed by an acidic water because it is strong and they can handle great pressure so that means that this kind of pipe can also be used when the building that you are in produces heavy flows especially the industrial buildings.  If you do not know, heavy gauge and light gauge pipes are the kinds of copper pipes. If it is not too obvious already given its names, the heavy gauge is used when the pressure is higher than normal and the light gauge are only used when the pressure of the water is slow to normal pacing.  

If you want something friendlier for the economy then you should choose a galvanized iron pipe but the thing that you should think twice about is its low ability to resist acid especially in water where there are high acid levels. This is actually harder than the copper pipe but you can only use this when there are less possibilities of coming in contact with acid. 

Polythene pipes are also one of the many kinds of pipes that they can use in extremely cold water. This kind of pipe is the best because it resists the acidity levels, cheap and affordable in price, light weight, there is no need for threading and it is very easy to store and install which means that you will not be having a great deal of stress upon the given work.  

Although lead pipes are almost the exact opposite of the polythene pipes because this one is very flexible and it does not corrode but the bad thing for you guys is that the lead in this product is not recommended by doctors because when someone eats or drink from a glass full of lead they can die due to poisoning and we are very sure that none of you wants that to happen. Therefore we recommend you to find another kind of pipes that will not put your health in danger because that is very important if you want to live your life to the fullest.  

If you are planning to work on anything related with pipes, you must be well equipped with knowledge and skills that you can apply when you want to succeed in this career.  

Tips on Starting Your Own Handyman Business 

When you are going to admit yourself to a service business such as handyman business which includes plumbing, you are going on to the next level of your life. This is because you are not only applying the skills you have acquired in the past, but you are also going to sell it to others.  

However, there are some legalities you need to know before actually starting to enjoy your business. In order to avoid you and your small business to pain in the ass, you should never cling your business into some illegalities. Here are some of the things you need to know in order to retain your company to its legal limits. 

Know the Law 

Before enjoying yourself from the bliss that service business provides, you need to understand first the laws that are applied to these kinds of businesses in your state. That’s right, there are differences from state to state in terms of the law provided to businesses such as handyman servicing to follow. This is precisely the reason why when you want to venture into servicing business, you need to be very careful in scrutinizing the laws for the business that you are going to invest into.  


Aside from avoiding headaches due to illegalities of the business, checking the law is also important in protecting your customer. That is, if the customer’s house or that specific area of their home that you worked out on gets burned, flooded or damaged, and the business you have presented them is not necessarily legal, then the insurance that they have for you will not necessarily cover the damages.  

In connection to this, here are some of the details you need to check in order to work out on the legal grounding of your business. Because it is very important, you need to work it out on your own as a business owner and not send some employee to do the task.  

  1. Visit Contractors’ Board Website 

Because state laws are unique from one another, you need to check the contractor’s board for the details of the law that applies to service business. Because of the advent of technology, this job is very easy to do especially with the use of the internet. Once you have searched for the law, you need to know the details that talks about handyman servicing. Most states exempt requirements of some licenses for some kind of services. However, there are really jobs and services that needs to have some license before doing the job.  

  1. Talk to a Legal Officer 

If there are laws that you don’t understand because it is vaguely stated, one of the best strategies to do is to ask for a legal advice. No one will know unless the issue is brought to court. But if you want to have a crystal clear perception of the law, then seek for legal opinion. This is very helpful especially when you are just a budding businessman.  

  1. Contact Other Business Owners 

One of the individuals that are going to be of great help are those that are in the same industry. People who owns a servicing company, handyman service in this matter have the basic knowledge about the law. Connecting to competitors is not only a smart move, it could also be a great help into giving you a perspective on what laws are enforced in your line of industry.  

  1. Focus on Marketing 

The very reason why you get into trouble is because of the marketing strategy that you are currently practicing. This is precisely the reason why you have to abide the law in terms of the advertising and marketing strategies you are promoting in lieu of home repairs and other related areas. 

No one will save your handyman and business instead of yourself. This is precisely the reason why as much as possible, you need to be very careful in every step that you take with regards to your business. You have to really research on the background of handyman service businesses, the law that it should follow as well as the customers that you are going to target in order for you to ensure that you and your business will become successful at the end of the day. However, you have to understand that everything will start slow and small. Thus, you need to be very patient and you also have to have the willingness in order for your company to grow big and successful. Who knows? You might be the next successful handyman business owner.